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we monetize and protect the content of the Creators on social media


Nay is a leading multi-platform network in the field of digital content and a prominent agency in managing the best talent in the Middle East and North Africa. manages and develops the most followed creators and also cooperates with the most famous brands to achieve their goals of reaching the audience and followers.


You'll have the tools, support, community and resources to succeed.
Accelerated Growth

NayNetwork has perfected the science of growing your audience and earnings. We give you the tools, the experts, and even the financing.

Hands-On Support

We love working closely with our creators who are serious about growth. No other network is more hands-on and responsive than NayNetwrok.

High-Profile Brands

We have the connections others don't. Gain exclusive access to top-level brands & sponsors who pay higher CPM rates.

Thriving Forums

Collaborate with creators in your vertical, give and receive production help, get constructive feedback on your channel, and more!

Content Protection

We offer Content-ID related services so your videos aren't stolen. We have a team that works with you on monetization issues and protecting your channel.


Gain free access to music libraries like Epidemic Sound, bulk optimize your channel with VidIQ, and create outros with OutroMaker.

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